Businesses have already started using chatbots. And this number has grown exponentially. Facebook messenger driven chatbots number increased to such an extent that there are more than 300000 chatbots active and that there are billions are messages getting exchanged between businesses and consumers. And today many people have started experiencing chatbots and many more businesses will start reaping benefits of chatbots.

This shows there is no more waiting required to incorporate chatbots in your business. Time has already come!

1. Customers are liking chatbots, don’t disappoint them:

Back in 2016, a survey demonstrated that 44% of U.S. customers prefer chatbots over a human. This also entails that the chatbots need to be professional during conversation and bug-free. These have to be aligned with your brand. Furthermore, chatbots should be able to perform well-defined tasks. People use them to get answers to their queries.

2. Chatbots won’t replace humans:

Biggest misconception over chatbots that they will replace humans or human-led services. This is not likely happening. At the moment, chatbots deal with questions submitted to them and respond as per the training. Outside of the scope chatbots still will need humans to do more cognitive and emotional customer service.

3. Reduce Operational costs with chatbots:

According to chatbots magazine, by implementing chatbots businesses can save up to 30% in operational costs. Every year around 265 billion customer support requests are made which cost them 1.3 trillion. This cost can be saved using AI-driven chatbots. Any company can use chatbots as the first point of contact for not only simpler but more complex queries which later can be escalated to human counterparts, improving customer service and reducing cost.

4. Close more sales through robust marketing using chatbots

“Sales are not what is generated, it happens while you are serving your customers.”

Using reliable chatbots developed using StrideBiz services, you can close more sales with robust marketing.

Chatbots can be used to maintain a relationship with customers by having personalized conversations.

Chatbots don’t keep customers waiting. They seamlessly guide customers through various aspects of the sale, addressing each query arising.

Chatbots can be trained with customer behavior which later can push relevant notifications to the customers.

Chatbots can distribute similar and standardized customer service which is unimaginable with humans.

5. Improve customer service

Using chatbots, businesses collect their relevant information like their details like name, location, etc. This helps during sales and marketing processes. This can help them to keep customers engage later on.

Chatbots can flawlessly and tirelessly serve customers with whatever information they like to know.

6. Boost your brand using chatbots

“Products are made in the factory, but brands are created in the mind.” – Walter Landor

Chatbots are well placed to promote brand values to a wide range of prospects. Providing friendly interactions and creating a good rapport with customers. Chatbot messages give better open rates than emails. This leads to increase the customer engagement by delivering them high-value content. And all this can be personalized using chatbots. As chatbots work 24/7, customers don’t have to wait for support hours to get active. This increases customer retention and earns positive reviews, in turn, boosting the brand.

7. Showcase new products and services

As described above, chatbots provide a useful platform for broadcasting and reaching potentially massive audiences. They eliminate the need for frustrating cold calls. Using appropriate personalized notifications, new products and services can be propagated to customers based on their interests.

8. Change the nature of marketing

Business is about reaching a relevant audience. But conventional routes make it difficult to analyze and predict customer interests and preferences. Chatbots have the means to change the nature of marketing endeavors and form customer service strategies.

Chatbots can be used to monitor consumer behavior and track interests helping to push only relevant notifications to the customer based on their interest.

Chatbots build good and steady customer relationships which gives them the ability to persuade customers to purchase by suggesting them preferred items.

The last word,

As we know, chatbots offer enormous benefits for the businesses. They help them save money while increasing sales. With powerful tools like AI and NLP at hands, chatbots can be more and more intelligent leaving the outlook of chatbots looking very attractive.