Node.JS Development

We at StrideBiz are able to provide you with a cross-platform framework for a robust backend server for webapp that can be quickly scaled as the company expands. We are a highly skilled Node.js development company in India if you need to get not just a standard application, but a powerful tool for your business that will stand out in the market.

StrideBiz is at your service robust scalable applications for the best user experience!

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The places where Node.js is proving to be an excellent
technology partner are mentioned below.

Applications for I/O

Applications use JSON APIs

Applications that stream data

Applications which needs high scalability

Extensive Data Apps that run in real time


Non - blocking and Event-Driven

Node.js-based server never waits for data from an API.


The MIT authorization regulates the distribution of Node.js.


Node.js library is extremely fast in executing code since it is based on Google Chrome's V8 JavaScript Engine.


Node.js utilizes a specific welded model of task looping, which allows it to be extremely flexible. In contrast to conventional databases, which generate small loops to handle requests, this event mechanism allows the server to react in a non-blocking manner, making it highly scalable.

Buffering is a big No!

Hardly any data is ever buffered in a Node.js programme. The data is literally emitted in patches by these applications.

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