About Customer

A Ed-Tech startup from Pune, India which helps people improve their English Communication Skills. They are well-funded company which has helped thousands of students to improve their life by improving their communication skills

They deal with large scale projects which involves self-paced and mentor-led learning. 

The Problem

Improving Operational Efficiency

Any large scale project involves various stake-holders to make the project successful. Trainers, Master Trainers, Curriculum Designers, Delivery Manager, Account Manager, Customer.

The major issue was coordination within all the stakeholders. They also lacked keeping track on standardization as paper based tracking becomes difficult to trace. 

The Solution

A highly available multi-tenant software application

We developed a multi-tenant application wherein all the stakeholders performed their tasks to make the project grand success.

  • Curriculum Designer: Used to design the curriculum using intuitive drag-n-drop UI. They also got capability to easily customize the curriculum as per the students’ needs.
  • Trainers: Got the entire curriculum in real time. They also got the ability to manage the class tracking. A Chatting functionality enabled them to chat with the students and solve their doubts
  • Master Trainers
  • Delivery Manager: 
  • Customer: Got the intuitive dashboard to keep an close eye on the project execution and make well-informed decisions.

Technologies Used