CHATBOT development

Chatbots are Artificial intelligence (AI) systems which are used in messaging services. An automated software that connects with clients as an individual would have and requires minimal effort. 

ChatBot allows you to interact effectively with consumers and move your company ahead. Whether you’re a startup or a leading brand, accelerate your growth & improve the services with StrideBiz. ChatBot permits you to entertain consumers at every stage of their shopping process, from the very first interaction to the final order. Don’t miss any chance to convert a sale.

“I think chatbots are the future of engagement between fan and a brand or celebrity” - Christinia Millian (Forbes)

Why Chatbot for your business?

Top Companies using Mern Stack Development:







What can a chatbot do?

Generate Leads

Introduce new products/ services

Improve Funnel Marketing

Give personalised suggestions

Confirm orders and track shipping

Scheduling a meeting

Gain valuable feedbacks

Answer doubts or queries at every hour.

Execute campaigns

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