Can chatbots improve SEO results?

A proficient marketer will doubt about the title given. They may start speculating and proving that it is not possible. But in this blog, I will show how Chatbots can play an important role in improving the SEO ranking. Search Engine Optimization is very important for the success of any online business. Search engines serve millions of users per day looking for answers to their questions or for solutions to their problems.

There are three parts to the definition of SEO. Quality of traffic, the quantity of traffic and Organic results. Basically all these metrics/parts are leading indicators of further business metrics such as visitors to various webpages, their activities around the website and most importantly their drop-offs from the website.

Let’s see as scenario if somebody is clicking on your website link in the search result and visiting your website. They try to explore the website, to know the offerings better, they have to read and understand pages. Now here’s the catch. If the website has better User Experience, then people take time and put efforts to explore the website. Otherwise, they feel “lost” somewhere and decide to leave the site to explore your competitor’s website.

This is like, you are owning an apparel shop which has everything unorganized, unplanned and messy organization and leaving up to the customer to decide what’s best for her. Most of the customers, in this case, would leave the shop as soon as they enter. What if we keep an attendant for them. Who will ask them questions, get their information about color choices, preferences, for whom they are buying, is it a girl or boy or woman or man? With all this information, the attendant provides the best options to the customer. The customer’s problem is not simplified. They just have to see what’s good for them.

But How Bounce rate can be controlled using Chatbot?

Chatbots can be used to capture users’ interest, their expectations, their basic information quickly and in a friendly manner.

Like the apparel shop analogy, what if a customer is greeted at the time of visiting the website for some time. And then the customer is asked a few questions in a conversational way.

Pros of having a chatbot on the website?

  1. It feels very convenient for the real user to discover the needs and solutions.
  2. User details are captured in a smoother way. In the case of Facebook Messenger chatbot, the user just has to give her consent to start the chatting and we end up getting their basic details like name email, photo, phone number, etc.
  3. Most importantly, we can stay in touch with the user later on very easily. Facebook messenger can easily replace the email marketing tool to send the product updates, offers etc to the user to bring them back to the website.
  4. We get proper, reliable analytics to retarget the users and take business decisions.

So this means, your ChatBot is not only lowering your bounce rate numbers but also increasing your customer’s overall experience on your website. This means that more people will have a chance to gain value from your business, resulting in more people linking back to your page.

So in conclusion chatbots can be a useful tool for marketers and entrepreneurs. Not only existing businesses can benefit from it by improving on their customer experience, startups too can use it to augment their existing collaterals like website, brochures, marketing communication to make people interested using chatbots on their website.

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